Published 10th June 2022

9 Office Cleaning Tips the Experts Use That You Should Know!

Office Cleaning Tips

Experienced commercial cleaners know a thing or two about the industry. Over the years they’ve refined their methods to provide the most effective service imaginable. These secret tips have been collected so that we can share them with you.

Everyone knows ‘the basics’ of cleaning. Keep floors and surfaces clean, make sure waste is removed regularly and use the right tools.

But what are the ‘little things’ that can make all the difference? Which areas of the office do many cleaners leave untouched? And what hints and tips can help ensure dust doesn’t build up to unmanageable levels?

Keep reading as we go over our top 9 office cleaning tips that can improve the hygiene and cleanliness of your office or workplace.

Start Your Office Cleaning High and Finish Low.

The cleaning process for any room in the office should start at the top. By doing so, dust will fall onto the floor, ready to be hoovered or swept up once the room has been fully dusted. However, keep in mind this doesn’t always mean high surfaces. For instance, ceiling fans and ceiling corners are always a good place to start.

Although it sounds simple, this tip can help save valuable time. If done the opposite way around, dust will fall on the floor after it’s already been swept, meaning that it must be swept again.

Use the “Eye-Level Technique”

It can be hard to see if a surface is completely clean, especially for an area that is poorly lit. To prevent patches of dust and dirt from being left behind, professional cleaners use what’s called ‘the eye-level technique’.

This method involves quite literally viewing the surface that’s being wiped at eye-level. It is much easier to see any dirt, dust, or other unwanted grime that is still there. The result is that whatever you’re cleaning is spotless.

Dust Files and Folders

Files and folders stored on shelves across the office provide the perfect place for dust to accumulate. Whether they’re sitting on top of a filing cabinet or in the corner of the office, they need to be dealt with.

The most efficient way to do this is to use a handheld vacuum attachment to gently vacuum along the top of the file or folder in question.

Use environmentally-friendly products.

There are two main reasons why professional cleaners opt for environmentally-friendly products. The first is to reduce the impact on the environment to help future generations. Reason number two is to protect employees – both the cleaners themselves and those who work in the office.

Eco-friendly products don’t use harsh chemicals that are found in standard cleaning products. Therefore, when you use them to clean in a commercial setting, workers’ well-being is better protected.

Let Floor Marks Soak

It’s tempting to work on floor scuffs and marks by continuously scrubbing them. However, the professionals know this isn’t the most effective approach to cleaning wooden and tile floors. Instead, the affected area should be dampened and left for a while.

This provides a good time for a few other cleaning tasks to be taken care of until enough time has passed. The dirty area should then be wiped with a mop, leaving a floor with a clean and shiny finish.

Pay Attention to Plants

Often forgotten, plants are a part of the office that should be cleaned, because otherwise dust can settle on the leaves.

The best way to achieve this is using a damp cloth to gently wipe the leaves. Now and again this should be done, depending on how the plants look when you inspect them. Of course if you use a professional provider of office plants, they may do this for you.

Make Sure You Always Have Enough Cleaning Supplies

To ensure the cleaning process goes according to plan, supplies need to be well-stocked. This includes dusting sprays, disinfectants, rubbing alcohol, floor cleaners, window cleaning agents and more.

A good approach when trying to monitor supplies is to check them weekly and note down what must be restocked. And to prevent confusion, it’s a good idea to assign a dedicated space for cleaning items. This way you won’t be constantly checking multiple locations to keep tabs on what supplies are left.

A Comprehensive Checklist

Offices have many different features, which means it can be hard to remember what needs to be clean, what has been cleaned and so on. The pros know it can be hard to keep track, that’s why they create an easy-to-reach checklist.

The result of using this is an effective system that ensures that no surface, room or anything in between is missed.

Keep Electronic Items Free From Dust With Air Dusters

Electronic goods are known for their ability to attract dust. Yet cleaning them doesn’t have to be difficult. The experts know that using air dusters to reach the hard to get to places helps save valuable time and leaves electronics dust-free.

To Summarise

Keeping workplaces clean is an ongoing task that cannot be ignored. These tips from seasoned cleaners should help you streamline the cleaning process to create a clean and healthy office environment for those working within it.

Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of the necessary cleaning duties. If this sounds familiar then consider looking into hiring a professional commercial cleaning service.

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