Published 01st December 2023

Cleaning and Hygiene Highlights: A Look Back to 2023 and Ahead to 2024

Cleaning and Hygiene
Commercial Cleaning In Your GP Surgery: A Checklist for Winter Wellness.

As we approach the end of 2023, we reflect on a year’s worth of blogs in which we’ve tried to keep you informed about key issues in the world of commercial cleaning.


From latest trends to challenges and best practices, we see our job not just as your cleaning services supplier, but also as your source of information about maintaining high standards of hygiene and efficiency.

This summary blog reviews some of the key insights from this year’s articles, covering a range of topics from practical winter cleaning checklists for GP surgeries to the positive impacts of office cleanliness on productivity.

Additionally, we cast an eye towards the future, exploring the likely challenges and special issues that might be key in commercial cleaning in 2024.

Winter cleaning in GP Surgeries

Most recently, we wrote our Winter Checklist for Commercial Cleaning in GP Surgeries. This blog highlights the importance of effective cleaning in GP surgeries during winter to minimise the spread of infections.

Key areas for cleaning include waiting rooms, examination rooms and toilets, with a focus on high-touch surfaces, waiting area furniture, patient rooms, floors, administrative areas, waste disposal, ventilation systems, external areas and adherence to infection control measures.

Easing the transition when switching to a new cleaning contractor

Earlier in the year, we wrote about the challenges in switching cleaning contractors, which include managing TUPE compliance, minimising service disruption, maintaining quality, effective communication, cultural alignment, health and safety adherence and training and orientation.

As well as highlighting these key considerations, the blog also describes Wixted Cleaning’s structured approach to managing these challenges effectively.

What to expect in your first month with a new cleaning contractor

Having switched cleaning company, we thought it would be useful to uncover the steps that most companies go through when taking a new cleaning service on board.

The first month involves an initial consultation, assessment and understanding of TUPE regulations.

It’s also important for customers to keep an eye on the quality of service, to develop trust as while adjusting the cleaning plan and to understand the transition process as a whole.

Key to kicking off the new contract successfully is open communication so that issues can be addressed promptly. This helps in building a strong relationship with the new cleaning service.

Little-Known Facts About Commercial Cleaning

This slightly more light-hearted blog revealed several surprising facts about commercial cleaning.

These include the positive impact of office cleanliness on productivity, the high bacterial content on keyboards, the benefits of green cleaning, importance of proper ventilation, air quality improvement through office plants and the need for extra attention in high-touch areas.

We also covered the variability in cleaning frequency based on office size, and the importance of involving employees in cleaning, giving everyone a sense of responsibility in maintaining their own hygienic office space.

The Evolution of Cleaning Techniques and Equipment

It was interesting to note how cleaning technology has evolved over the years, from the humble mop. The advancements in cleaning equipment include the introduction of flat mops, steam mops, microfibre technology and ergonomic designs.

It also charted the rise of specialised chemicals, biochemical cleaning, specialist training, the current focus on safety, UV-C disinfection and green cleaning. Future expectations in cleaning technology and techniques include increasing automation and even the use of drones.

Looking ahead to 2024

As the world continues to move on from the Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene in GP surgeries is a natural area of focus for cleaning.

Enhanced infection control measures will remain paramount, with a sustained focus on sanitising high-touch areas like door handles, reception desks and medical equipment.

Another likely challenge is adapting to potential new strains of viruses or other infectious diseases, which may necessitate rapid changes in cleaning protocols and the use of specialised disinfectants.

Additionally, there will be an increased demand for environmentally sustainable cleaning practices, balancing effective infection control with the use of eco-friendly cleaning agents and techniques.

At Wixted Cleaning, we recognise that the mental well-being and stress levels of cleaning staff, often working in high-risk environments, will also be a key concern, necessitating adequate support and training in dealing with these unique pressures.

Overall, the cleaning of GP surgeries in 2024 will require agility and adherence to stringent health guidelines.

Wider commercial cleaning trends to look for in 2024

In commercial cleaning, just as across other industry sectors, environmental concerns, technological advancements and public health considerations play a crucial role in shaping best practices. Three areas for businesses to be aware of are likely to be:

Adherence to Environmental Standards

Environmental sustainability will continue to be a significant concern. Commercial cleaning businesses will be aiming to adapt to stricter environmental regulations and client expectations for eco-friendly practices. This includes the use of green cleaning products, reduction in water usage and waste minimisation. There will be an increased demand for services that not only clean effectively but also demonstrate a commitment to environmental matters.

Technological Integration and Automation

2023 was the year when AI burst onto the scene, and in commercial cleaning the adoption of new cleaning practices will become more prevalent.

New cleaning technologies already include robotic cleaners, smart sensors for efficient resource use and data-driven cleaning schedules.

While these technologies may not come to be prevalent in commercial cleaning just yet, it’s useful to keep an eye on how they can enhance efficiency and improve the quality of cleaning services going forward.

Health and Safety Standards Post-COVID-19

Even as the immediate threat of the COVID-19 pandemic recedes, the emphasis on health and hygiene standards in commercial spaces will remain high.

Your commercial cleaning service provider will be working to maintain elevated cleaning protocols, particularly in high-traffic public spaces and workplaces. This includes regular sanitisation, focussing on high-touch areas and potentially offering specialised cleaning services to mitigate the risk of any future pandemics or health crises.

Final word

On behalf of all of us at Wixted Cleaning, I would like to thank you for your business during 2023. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to continuing to make your workplace a clean and hygienic environment for you in 2024.

Need a bit of extra help with your office cleaning or looking for a specialist GP Surgery cleaning service? Speak to the commercial cleaning specialists at Wixted Cleaning. We’ll be delighted to provide you with a free quote!

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