Published 11th May 2022

How Can a Clean Office Increase Your Business Productivity?

Clean Office to Increase Productivity

If you want to support your office-based employees in being as productive as possible, then consider this: clean, hygienic office environment is a major contributor to team productivity.

But why is this?

In this blog we’ll explore the reasons why a clean office increases productivity and employee wellbeing.

Helps keep sick days to a minimum

The first benefit to having a clean office is the fact that it can contribute significantly to reducing employee absenteeism.

A clean desk and a clean office both help reduce staff sickness. According to research published in a UK newspaper, there are over 20,000 different types of germs per inch on the average work desk. That’s more than 400 times that of a toilet seat!

If this is the case, then it can be no surprise for managers where office cleaning is, shall we say, “sporadic,” that sickness absences among employees are high. 

Yet there are ways to tackle this and improve productivity. One way is to encourage your employees to sanitise their desks before they leave for the day.

Alternatively, consider using a commercial cleaning company to clean to a regular schedule, ensuring that desktops are included in the schedule and hence germs are kept at bay.  When cleaning desks, it’s imperative to use non-toxic cleaning materials. This is ideal for ensuring employee wellbeing is protected from potentially hazardous cleaning solutions.

Helps improves levels of concentration

Cluttered environments are often dirty environments, where dust and detritus are allowed to build up over time.

Clutter around a desk or office can lead to reduced levels of concentration. We all know the feeling of sitting down in a nice clean room. It gives a sense of renewal, a new start, opportunity to clear the mind.

What’s more, a cluttered desk or working environment will eventually need clearing up, and in the meantime can holdback as they need to spend longer looking for what they need to do their jobs.

Decluttering the office can lead to decluttering the mind – with the result that focus and concentration are radically improved.

Of course, you can also use a commercial cleaning company to clean up and declutter your working space. You’ll find that a cleaner and clearer office will improve your team’s ability to focus, increasing their productivity as a result.

Reduced stress levels

It’s a fact that the vast majority of people feel less stressed with a clean desk.

A desk piled up with papers, or an overflowing in-tray does nobody any favours. It always gives the impression of a mountain of work to do, begging the question of how you can ever get through the backlog. In turn, this increases stress levels and reduces productivity as a result.

To change this, we recommend that your employees should have cleaner and less cluttered working areas that can contribute to improving their wellbeing and reducing stress.

Reduced chance of workplace accidents

Unfortunately, workplace accidents are way too common in today’s business world.

As mentioned earlier, irregularly cleaned offices may give rise to trip hazards and potential injury. This may be because floors become dirty and slippery, are covered with clutter or other objects that haven’t been stored properly or where the wrong kind of floor cleaning materials have been used.

So to offer a working environment that is conducive to concentration and that isn’t a minefield of trip hazards that may potentially cause injuries and accidents, keep your office clean, safe and tidy.

To do this, make sure that you:

  • Always remove slippery or potentially hazardous substances from the floor
  • Ensure that boxes and other objects are not left in walkways for people to trip over
  • Use the correct cleaning fluids and tools to clean floors (including stairways and hallways) so they don’t degrade or disintegrate over time and become unstable.

If you don’t have enough time to do this, consider using a commercial cleaning company to maintain your office in a clean and safe state, saving your employees from trip hazards at all costs.

Improved morale

When offices are dirty or untidy, employees may get the impression that the directors or business owners don’t care about how it looks and feels to work there.

In turn, they may reflect back this uncaring attitude in the work they do, as well as becoming demoralised by what they see as a lack of focus on their welfare.

On the other hand, employees whose workplace is kept clean and hygienic will sense that the management of the business are concerned with the employee welfare, happiness and satisfaction. This in turn will be reflected back in the form of high standards of work and higher morale levels.

Next steps to a clean office and higher productivity levels

If your business or workplace needs assistance in keeping the work environment clean, healthy, hygienic and safe for employees, you are advised to speak with commercial cleaning specialists Wixted Cleaning. We’ll be happy to provide a free quote for our cleaning services, which in turn, we believe will help your employees to be more productive in their work for your business.

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