COVID Cleaning Services - Wixted Cleaning in Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes

COVID Cleaning Services

We are working hard to support your business through the challenges of Covid-19.

We thoroughly risk assess every site we clean, setting out the controls that will be needed for your workplace and work activities, thereby reducing the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

COVID Cleaning Services

We understand that regular cleaning of common areas and touchpoints, where people pass through regularly, need to be cleaned frequently with a disinfectant to ensure your organisation and premises are Covid-Secure.

Commercial Cleaning Services

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Disinfectant fogging 

We are able to respond to outbreaks of Covid-19 quickly with our own fogging machine. The process is quick and is safe and we use a powerful surface disinfectant, suitable for any hard or soft surfaces and is specifically to break the cycle of contamination from surface to surface and between people. 

Disinfectant Fogging to kill COVID 19

Some further benefits about this process are:

  • Destroys airborne viruses, including coronaviruses
  • 99.9999% of surface pathogens can be killed in less than 60 seconds, including coronaviruses
  • This is 100 x more effective than household bleach
  • Safe to use in hospital and medical environments and food preparation areas
  • Safe to be used in areas with sensitive equipment like computers
  • Is safe enough to use in areas with children and pets
  • Minimises workplace downtime – return to the room in minutes
  • Enables you to mist more frequently for added safety
  • Uses all-natural ingredients
  • Enables you to easily get into all the nooks and crannies 
  • Does not need you to wear PPE through application
  • Saves on time compared to conventional deep cleans

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