Terms and Conditions

  1. Within these terms and conditions, the term Company shall refer to (COMPANY NAME) the term Contractor shall refer to Wixted Cleaning Limited.
  2. The Company shall provide to the Contractor free of charge, light, hot water, power and other facilities enabling the carrying out of the Contract including adequate safe and secure storage for chemicals and machinery used by the contractor.
  3. If this contract has been quoted on the basis of TUPE Legislation applying, and it should be found that the Contractor incur extra cost through the provision of inaccurate information, the Company will indemnify the Contractor against these costs.

The Company will also indemnify the Contractor against all redundancy and notice costs which arise through TUPE, and are brought about due to changes made by the Company to the contractual cleaning requirements that are in force at the commencement of the contract.

  1. The Contractor shall be liable up to a sum not exceeding £1,000,000.00 for any one claim for all claims arising from the negligence of the Contractor, its servants or agents or through any defect in its plant or machinery but only provided that full particulars or such claim together with proof of the alleged damage shall be supplied to the Contractor within 48 hours of such claim arising or such damage being discovered.

Appropriate employees insurance will also be maintained by the Contractor.

  1. The Company shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the Contractor’s employees, servants or agents while such persons are carrying out the works on the Company’s premises and in particular, will ensure that all electrical equipment on which or in the vicinity of the Contractor’s employees, servants or agents are at work is safe adequately maintained and switched off prior to any activity by such persons.
  2. The Quotation is subject to VAT at the current rate at the time of supplying the service.
  3. The Contractor’s Terms of payment requires settlement of invoices by the Company within 14 days of the end of the period to which the invoice relates.
  4. In the event that the Contractor incurs costs or claims relating to Employers Liability that have been incurred but not reported or existing claims that have not yet been settled prior to the commencement of the contract, then the Company will indemnify the Contractor against these costs.
  5. The Company must communicate any special instructions in writing to the Contractor. Similarly, any specific complaint regarding the Contractor’s performance under the standard Contract must be communicated in writing within five days of the work being carried out.
  6. In the event of this Contract being terminated due to default in payments within the first twelve months of the Contract, the Contractor reserves the right to charge the Company a sum equivalent to three month’s charges to recover start-up costs.
  7. This Contract shall run initially for a period of one year and thereafter continue until such time as it is terminated. Termination of the Contract thereafter requires a period of three months notice.