Published 01st June 2021

Does your commercial cleaning company offer a window cleaning service?

commercial window cleaning service

Window cleaning is a service not always a service offered by commercial cleaning companies.

Often thought of as one of the simplest of cleaning tasks, window cleaning, particularly on buildings with several storeys, is more complex than it may first seem.

The good news is that Wixted Cleaning not only offers window cleaning, but also uses the latest “Reach and Wash System” which can eliminate the use of ladders and reduces the risk of falls from height.

This reach and wash window cleaning method can save us time which translates into financial savings for your business or organisation on window cleaning services.

So, let’s have a look at the benefits of using your contract cleaning company for your window cleaning service, and what is involved in this method of window cleaning.

The strange thing about window cleaning

A strange thing we come across in our line of work is businesses in small or large offices, retail, hospitality, education and other sectors that seem to neglect the outside of their buildings.

They are very concerned to maintain cleanliness in their internal environment but are not too fussed that their windows are left for months without being cleaned.

If you’re going to the lengths of maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in your offices, then it follows that you’ll want the exterior of your building to make the right impression on your employees and visitors.

Dirty windows give the impression of an organisation that doesn’t particularly care about what people on the outside think. On the other hand, a clean, well maintained exterior can offer an image of a company that cares about impressions and is professional.

Quite apart from that, the benefit for employees of having a nice clean pane of glass to look through is also a major positive.

Why source window cleaning from your contract cleaning company?

There are definite cost advantages associated with sourcing all your cleaning services from a single, one-stop provider such as Wixted Cleaning. It saves you having to deal with multiple suppliers and ensures that you get the same great cleaning services quality on the outside of your office building as you do on the inside.

The fewer journeys to site we need to make, the more efficient we can be – which translates into lower costs for you.

What is ‘Reach and Wash’ window cleaning?

Traditionally, window cleaners have always relied on portable ladders to access windows for cleaning.

However, Reach and Wash window cleaning uses the most modern water-fed pole systems, enabling the cleaning of windows without ladders at heights of up to 60ft or 20 meters from ground level.

This method of water fed pole cleaning uses telescopic poles equipped with water jets and brush attachments that render ladders obsolete.

The operative simply stands at ground level and can access high level windows in most 3 or 4 storey buildings quickly and easily without the need to physically work at height.

What are the advantages of the reach and wash style of window cleaning?

The principal benefit is that no ladders need to be carried by the window cleaner operative, and no danger is involved by working at height.

Let’s look at the benefits and advantages of this window cleaning service system offered by Wixted Cleaning.

Safer – avoids working at height

Using a water fed pole system means there is no inherent danger to the operative as there would be if they were working up a ladder or “at height”. The risk of injury is thus radically reduced.

All windows up to a height of 20 meters can be cleaned by an operative standing with feet firmly on the ground – assuming no obstructions such as trees – using a telescopic pole and brush.

Better quality

Reach and wash water fed pole systems produce high quality window cleaning results. The pole and brush work in tandem with de-ionised and filtered water that dries naturally and blemish-free without smears, meaning there is no need for manual drying with cloths.

Additionally, windows cleaned in this way have been shown to stay cleaner for longer.

More cost effective

The use of ordinary mains tap water filtered by the reach and wash system means that the use of cleaning detergents can be radically reduced or even eliminated. In turn this means cost savings in compared to the normal cleaning materials.

It’s also faster than traditional window cleaning, delivering further cost savings and efficiencies.

Environmentally friendly

The filtered or deionised water used in this type of window cleaning means that detergents, soaps and other chemicals need not be used, thereby improving the environmental footprint.

The potentially harmful chemical detergents traditionally used in window cleaning are no longer needed, meaning less waste is washed away to pollute the environment.

Furthermore, water usage is cut to a minimum as all the water needed for a given site can be prepared beforehand and carried to site in the storage tank.

More private

We can all conjure up images of the traditional window cleaner popping up at a window and peering through at the occupant of a building.

Embarrassing situations are a thing of the past with water fed pole system-based window cleaning.

Usable by almost anyone

At Wixted Cleaning we are firmly committed to Equal Opportunities and policy extends to every service we offer. Water fed pole systems can be used by window cleaning operatives with disabilities and of course by any able-bodied person no matter what their gender or size.

In summary

If you want a professional and experienced commercial cleaning organisation that can offers window cleaning as well as interior cleaning, we can help. Wixted Cleaning has been serving clients across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes since 2002, and has maintained a record of continuous growth. Now employing over 150 people, we can offer contract office cleaning including window cleaning services for all kinds of workplace.

For a free contract office cleaning services quote for your workplace, call 01525 406926 or email

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