Published 04th March 2024

Spring Cleaning: The Ultimate Office Clean-Up

Ah, spring! It’s that magical time of year when everything feels fresh, new, and just begging for a good old clean-out. Especially your office. Yep, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and dive into the ultimate spring-cleaning showdown, office edition. Let’s make your workspace a place where cleanliness and productivity shine together.

Kick Dust to the Curb

First things first, let’s tackle that pesky dust. From the tops of cabinets to those sneaky under-desk zones, it’s time for a full sweep. Whip out that damp microfiber cloth and show no mercy. While you’re at it, decluttering is your friend. That pile of papers from last year’s project? Time to say goodbye.

It doesn’t take long for dust to accumulate either, so we’d recommend dusting at least twice a week, depending on the size of your office, but if you can do it even more, then great.

Bin There, Clean That

It might be hard to believe, but bins are the unsung heroes of the office, but boy, do they get dirty. Grab some hot water, disinfectant, and give those bins a spa day they won’t forget. And yes, that includes giving the lids some love with antibacterial spray.

Also, bins should really be emptied on a daily basis. Trust us, you do not want the smell of egg mayo to linger overnight!

Stock up the Squad

Communal areas are the heart of the office, so let’s keep them beating strong. Whether it’s the loo, kitchen, or meeting rooms, make sure they’re kitted out with all the essentials. Soap, hand gel, the works. It’s the little things that keep the day running smoothly.

Carpet Diem

Carpets can hide a multitude of grime (and crumbs). If you eat your lunch at your desk, which a lot of us are guilty of doing, there’s a chance some of that food is going on to the floor.

However, it’s a simple fix, just vacuum the floors regularly.

You could go one step further and get a professional cleaning team with an industrial-grade vacuum. This can make your carpets look and feel brand new. Regular clean-ups are great, but nothing beats a deep clean for that fresh-spring feeling.

Mop to It

Hard floors need love too! Whether you’re a mop-and-bucket aficionado or more of a steam mop cleaner type, make sure every square inch gets the attention it deserves. Let areas dry completely to avoid the slip n’ slide of doom.

Desk Duty

Desks are where all your hard work happens, but also where crumbs and coffee stains like to party. Clear everything off and give it a good wipe-down. Disinfecting is key, especially for those items we touch all the time like phones, mouse and keyboards. A clean desk = a clear mind.

Kitchen Confidential

Office kitchens can be a wild place. From mystery meals in the fridge to the crumbs behind the toaster, a deep clean can work wonders. Clear out old food, wipe down surfaces, and don’t forget the appliances. Clean handles mean fewer germs passing from hand to hand and less bugs from spreading around the office.

Don’t forget the Tech!

Electronics are dust magnets. Give your PCs, printers, and other gadgets a thorough dusting. Focus on those hidden spots that usually get missed.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it, the ultimate spring-cleaning checklist for your office. Whether you decide to tackle it yourself or hand it over to the cleaning pros, your office is on its way to becoming a cleaner, happier place.

Remember, a tidy office is not just about making it look good; it’s about creating a healthier, more enjoyable environment for everyone. So, let’s get cleaning and make this spring the cleanest one yet!

If you want a bit of extra help with your office cleaning, speak to the cleaning specialists here at Wixted Cleaning. We’ll be delighted to provide you with a free quote!

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