Published 23rd February 2022

Wixted Cleaning Celebrates 20 Successful Years in Business

Wixted Cleaning 20 Years Anniversary

20 Questions For Director and Founder, Conal Wixted

Wixted Cleaning is a highly skilled organisation that delivers personalised contract cleaning services to corporate clients across the UK.

Since 2002, we have continued to grow and now boast a client base of over 90 companies with 150 employees.

As we head towards our 20th anniversary in business, we caught up with Conal Wixted, founder and Managing Director of Wixted Cleaning to ask him about 20 questions about the last 20 years.

How has business changed since 2002?

Back in 2002, there was no iPhone, no Facebook and no Amazon Alexa. The internet was in its infancy.

The way business was done for many companies was very different to today, but for Wixted Cleaning, the values that were important 20 years ago are still core today: top quality cleaning services, regular customer communication, attention to detail, honesty, integrity and expertise.

You can’t clean offices over the internet!

What inspired you to work in the cleaning sector? 

From a young age I worked with my father as he owned a cleaning company, so I’ve always been around the cleaning industry. I used to wake up at 6am every Saturday morning to sweep up the warehouse for pocket money which instilled in me to work for things I wanted.

By the time I was 18 I was working at the company full time. I also worked at the Toddington service station which meant I was working seven days a week.

Why did you decide to set up Wixted Cleaning? 

I started Wixted Cleaning using the knowledge and experience gained working with my father. By then I had been involved in the industry for many years, so I was confident I could continue to work in the industry for myself.

Did you always plan to set up your own business?

I think I always knew I wanted to work for myself in the cleaning industry eventually, but specifically in the office cleaning sector.

Who was your first customer?

The first company I remember is World Vision, a charity in Milton Keynes and we cleaned there for 10 years.

We also added Millbrook Vehicle Proving Ground as a client in our first year – and we still clean for them now!

When did you hire your first employee?

Helen, our accountant, has been with us for almost 20 years.

What was the first cleaning tool or piece of equipment you bought?

We purchased everything from mop buckets, to buffing machines, industrial vacuums and window cleaning equipment as we would clean the window ourselves.

Why should companies take out a contract with Wixted Cleaning?

We purchased everything from mop buckets, to buffing machines, industrial vacuums and window cleaning equipment as we would clean the window ourselves.

Our short chain of command allows our customers to communicate any issues they are having and get them resolved quickly. At Wixted we want to deal with any problems our clients may have, and we have the knowledge to resolve the issue. We also have systems in place for when jobs naturally evolve to ensure our team have full guidance as needed.

What single word best describes your company?

Knowledgeable – having worked from the bottom up we know every aspect of the business and can ensure everyone is happy whether client or cleaner.

What’s your own personal highlight of the past 20 years at Wixted Cleaning?

Reaching 20 years in the business is a real highlight for us. We have managed to make it through two recessions and a pandemic, but still be able to grow the business in that time.

What is your favourite cleaning product and why?

It’s our Numatic Hoover – essential for industrial office cleaning.

What are you going to do to celebrate 20 years in business?

Haven’t planned anything just yet. Too busy looking after our customers!

What challenges have you experienced with Wixted and how did you overcome them?

With recent changing guidelines and laws due in health and safety due to COVID we have had to adapt massively to meet requirements and keep our customers safe.

What‘s the strangest thing you’ve ever been asked to clean?

We’ve had a few, I can tell you, many too disgusting to mention. But nothing’s too much of a challenge – we’ll tackle anything!

What advice can you give to someone staring out in the cleaning sector?

Have plenty of support behind you for when you need advice quickly. Things can change in an instant. Also be prepared to put in long or unsociable hours when you first start out, as it will help you build a strong foundation that will benefit you in the future.

What are the benefits of working for Wixted Cleaning?

  • Being able to make decisions that you think are right for the business
  • Flexible hours, work around home schedule at times
  • Job security, especially during the pandemic

If you could speak to yourself 20 years ago, what would you say?

Just go for it! You have the interest and the drive so give it your best shot; you won’t regret it.

What business values drive you forward?

  • Creating a work environment that keeps everyone happy
  • Providing the right training and support for team members.
  • Ensuring everyone who works for us is respected and valued for their hard work

How did Wixted Cleaning get its name?

Wixted Cleaning is a simple yet obvious name, and there wasn’t anyone using it. So it felt original.

What are your goals for 2022?

We are getting back to normal following the pandemic, so this year will be about building our team, growing our services and continuing to look after our customers. We might take some time to celebrate our 20th anniversary too.

What does the future hold for Wixted Cleaning?

We will continue to build a strong team to help grow the business further and continue to offer a fantastic level of service to all our customers, large and small.

Next steps

To find out about how Wixted Cleaning can help you with your cleaning requirements, contact us today. Or call us on 01525 406926 for a free quote and for more information on the types of service we can provide.

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