Published 13th September 2021

Do commercial cleaners offer a good quality of service?

Commercial cleaner cleaning an office

When you’re about to hire a new commercial cleaner to clean your offices or other premises, there’s always going to be a question in your mind: “Will they clean to the level of quality we want and expect?”.

The answer to this perennial question is: “it depends”.

Most of all, it depends on the commercial cleaner you hire and the demands you place on them. The definition of service quality – in commercial cleaning as with any other service – is based on a range of factors, including everything from subjective opinion to physical testing.

What drives the need for commercial cleaning?

Most surveys show that cleanliness is the top priority when choosing which commercial cleaner to do business with.

In the retail sector, a survey of US shoppers conducted during the Covid-19 crisis found that the top six preferred grocery stores were also rated as the cleanest grocery stores in the country.

Other surveys found that 92% of customers say a clean environment makes them more likely to make a purchase and 64% have left a store without making a purchase due to what they perceive as poor hygiene.

According to office supply experts Staples, the average work desk is home to 10 million bacteria, which makes it 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat.

But this issue is not just confined to the retail sector. Office workplaces also need to be kept clean and, increasingly since the Covid pandemic, safe and hygienic, not just for staff but also visitors. Indeed, employers have a statutory requirement to make office environments safe for any and all who work or visit there.

With 80% of the most common infections spread by touch, an unclean office space is a breeding ground for illness and a trigger for the kind of sickness which leads to absences, particularly in the post-covid world.

What commercial cleaning can achieve

A clean and hygienic office environment can lead to boosted morale among employees. Staff who feel good about their office space are likely to be happier and, potentially more productive.

Productivity is also boosted because cleaner offices are healthier offices, and properly cleaned work spaces can lead to a reduction in the number of sick days.

As far as visitors are concerned, clean and tidy offices create a positive impression on visitors. From desks to corridors, meeting rooms and washrooms, a clean building conveys an image of professionalism, leading to greater positive image.

The value of commercial cleaning

As described above, money spent on commercial cleaning services can in many ways be regarded as an investment rather than an expense, because it can lead to better staff morale and health, it may pay for itself in the form of improved productivity.  

Further value offered by commercial cleaners lies in the bespoke nature of the service which they offer.

At Wixted Cleaning for example, we can visit your premises, site, office or building, conduct a full survey of your requirements and then provide a quote based around a tailored cleaning plan.

A bespoke commercial cleaning plan is actually a ‘custom commercial cleaning solution’ comprised of a range of different services, from treatments for carpets and hard floors to the deep cleaning of vital areas such as kitchens and toilets, through to commercial window cleaning, wall washing and jet washing.

When delivered to a high standard, using the right tools and cleaning products by a specialist commercial cleaning company, your business premises will simply be maintained to a high level of cleanliness and hygiene, with all the benefits that brings for productivity and staff morale.    

Flexibility and adaptability

No matter what sector you operate in, a good commercial cleaning operator will be able to adapt its processes and procedures to your business.

Any premises where people gather to work, learn or visit or, indeed where they live such as in care homes or multi-occupant dwellings and buildings, can be kept clean and hygienic to a high standard by an experienced commercial cleaning company.

Clean premises instil confidence in workers and customers because they can rely on the fact that the internal building environment meets health and safety requirements.

Getting the cleaning job done

Bringing in commercial cleaning experts like Wixted Cleaning means your cleaning just gets done.

You can rest easy knowing that your building, office space or other premises will be maintained to provide a clean and hygienic environment. The work will be done using the right tools, expertise and experience, with the minimum of disruption, to a cleaning plan which fits in and around your own working methods and allows employees to operate and customers to visit.

Plus of course using a commercial cleaning company means that you know exactly how much your cleaning bill is going to be on a month by month basis, enabling forward planning and simple cost control.       

Next steps

If you’d like to know more about the comprehensive commercial cleaning service provided by Wixted Cleaning, please contact us today and we’ll explain exactly what we could do to clean your premises on an on-going basis. Call us on 01525 406926, email us at or use the contact form on our website.

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