Published 13th October 2021

5 Unknown Benefits of Using a Commercial Office Cleaning Service

benefits of using commercial office cleaners

A bright, well-maintained, and immaculate working environment is essential for any flourishing company. Vibrant, bustling workplaces are great for business, but not for hygiene and the inevitable wearing out of flooring and furniture through habitual use.

If you’ve found your company’s cleaning schedule consists of a hurried hoover and quick wipe down at the end of the day, you’re not only giving customers an unfavourable first impression of your business, you’re also potentially impacting your employees’ performance and wasting money. Employing a commercial office cleaning service to clean your company premises has both immediate and long-term positive results for your business. Here are 5 benefits you probably aren’t aware of:

It’s cost-effective

Many businesses can be reluctant to hire a commercial office cleaning service because they believe the costs involved are too high. However, you might be surprised to know that’s it’s actually a much more economical decision to outsource your cleaning to a commercial service.

When you burden your employees with the charge of cleaning their office premises, you are required to cash out on training, supplies, payroll expenses and insurance. However, using a commercial cleaning service diverts the responsibility of these costs and scheduling demands onto them, giving you more time to focus on the core duties of your business. You may even find that the standard of your employees’ work improves, due to the morale-boosting effects of a pristine and tidy environment.

By delaying employing a commercial cleaning service, you take the risk that your company’s upholstery and equipment will be permanently spoilt by inattentive and irregular cleaning. At Wixted, we are committed to frequently inspecting and expertly maintaining high-traffic areas of your facility, saving your company the easily preventable expense of replacing damaged materials.

It will help ensure your workforce are fit and healthy 

With many people returning to work after the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the increased health and safety demands of your company’s premises can only be sufficiently met by a dedicated commercial office cleaning company.

It’s unpleasant to admit, but viruses travel quickly around an office environment. A study was conducted by the American Society for Microbiology to investigate this. Researchers infected a single doorknob or tabletop with a harmless virus and found that within two to four hours, the virus could be found on 40% to 60% of employees, visitors to the site and frequently handled objects. This study shows that complacency is not an option when it comes to workplace hygiene.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service could even have an impact on the frequency with which your employees take sick days, considering the effect professional, scrupulous cleaning has on abating the transmission of nasty bacteria.

Cleaning is conducted using top quality industry methods 

A ‘once over’ using the same basic methods and shop-bought products that you would use in your own home is simply not enough when it comes to cleaning an office or co-working space. The flawless standards of cleanliness which you should expect for your business premises are only made possible by using a commercial office cleaning service.

Dedicated cleaning services ensure that their staff are kitted out with first-rate equipment and given specialised training in how to clean using the most effective, up to date methods in the industry, all whilst using environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

Additionally, by outsourcing a commercial cleaning service you could save money. The use of top-quality industrial equipment and techniques means more cleaning is done in less time, likely saving your company money in the long run, leaving you to spend where it counts to grow your business. 

A clean environment has a positive influence on customers and employees 

A clean working environment is more than just attractive and hygienic, it also sends a message to customers about the way your business operates. Poorly managed surroundings subliminally communicate to customers that your business is run in a similarly careless way. If you value coming across to new customers as reliable and organised, make sure this is reflected in the appearance of your working space by employing a commercial office cleaning service.

We understand the subtly felt, yet significant, effect that clean premises can have on attracting new customers and clients. Furthermore, when it comes to the productivity of your employees the saying ‘tidy space, tidy mind’ really does ring true. Don’t underestimate the motivating effect a well-kept facility can have on employee’s performance. It gives them the headspace to focus all of their energy on essential tasks.

Your company receives a bespoke and flexible service 

Commercial office cleaning services understand that every business has different cleaning requirements. To assess the cleaning needs of your premises Wixted offers an initial comprehensive survey of the space. For the safety of your workforce, our survey includes a risk assessment of how to best prevent the transmission of Covid-19 through our cleaning of your premises. We understand that your cleaning needs are likely to change throughout the year, for example during periods of increased or decreased trade, and our team are easily able to adapt to your company’s fluctuating needs. We are also able to clean both during and outside normal working hours. The flexible and bespoke service offered by a commercial cleaning service is what makes them essential for any business. 

Next steps

The benefits of hiring a commercial office cleaning service are varied and abundant. Choosing to contact Wixted Cleaning today is a choice in favour of convenience, employee productivity, and frugality. A clean and tidy premises goes a long way in pronouncing the accomplishments and successes of your business.

You can view our contract cleaning services page for further information on the services we offer, or take a look at our dedicated Milton Keynes office cleaning page.

So, to delegate your cleaning needs to a dedicated and knowledgeable workforce, please contact us on 01525 406926, email us at, or use the contact form on our website.

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