Published 26th June 2023

These Little-Known Facts About Commercial Cleaning Might Surprise You!

Commercial Cleaning Facts

Most businesses that use a commercial office cleaning company do so for obvious reasons: they want to work in clean and hygienic surroundings.

It follows that a clean and hygienic office environment is important for employee health, as well as just because it’s ‘nicer’ to work in a clean office than a dirty one that’s covered in dust and grime.

But behind the obvious logical reasons for cleaning, there are several less well-known yet interesting factors at play which often go unnoticed, and which might surprise you.

In this blog, we will uncover some of these little-known facts about cleaning offices that will not only surprise you but also give you a newfound appreciation for the individuals who keep our work environments tidy and hygienic.

Office Cleanliness Boosts Productivity

A clean and well-maintained office environment has a significant impact on productivity.

Studies have shown that employees working in clean and organised offices are not only more motivated and focused, but also enjoy higher job satisfaction compared to those working in untidy environments.

A clutter-free workspace promotes clear thinking and reduces distractions, leading to increased productivity.

Keyboards Harbour More Bacteria Than Toilet Seats

Yes, you read that right!

Office keyboards can be a breeding ground for bacteria, with studies revealing that they can harbour more germs than a toilet seat. Regular cleaning and sanitisation of keyboards are essential to maintain a healthy workspace and prevent the spread of illnesses.

Regular Cleaning Extends the Lifespan of Office Equipment

Dust, dirt and debris can accumulate on office equipment such as computers, printers and monitors, leading to reduced performance and a shorter working lifespan.

Regular cleaning not only keeps office equipment looking good but also helps prevent dust buildup and potential damage, ultimately prolonging usability.

Green Cleaning Benefits the Environment

Wherever possible, Wixted Cleaning use environmentally friendly cleaning products. In general this ‘green’ approach to cleaning involves the use of eco-friendly products and practices that have minimal impact on the environment.

Adopting green cleaning methods in offices can help reduce air pollution, minimise waste, and protect the health of both employees and cleaning staff. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products is a simple yet effective way to contribute to sustainability.

Proper Ventilation Enhances Indoor Air Quality

Good indoor air quality is crucial for a healthy office environment.

Regularly maintaining and cleaning ventilation systems can help improve air circulation and reduce the presence of pollutants, allergens and smells. Adequate ventilation also promotes employee well-being and can help prevent the spread of airborne diseases.

Office Plants Can Improve Air Quality

While not, strictly speaking, a conventional method of ‘cleaning’, adding greenery to office spaces helps to clean the air of an interior environment.

Plants not only enhance aesthetics but also offer several health benefits, acting as natural air purifiers, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen while also reducing the levels of indoor pollutants.

Having plants in the office can help create a healthier and more pleasant work environment.

High-Touch Areas Require Extra Attention

Certain areas of the office where there is a lot of traffic in and out are considered high-touch points. These areas include doorknobs, light switches, lift buttons and shared equipment such as printers.

These surfaces are more prone to harbouring germs and bacteria due to frequent contact. Special attention should be given to disinfecting these areas regularly to prevent the spread of illnesses among employees.

Cleaning Frequency Varies Based on Office Size

How often your office should be cleaned depends on various factors such as the size of the workspace and the number of employees.

Larger offices with more foot traffic and shared spaces may require daily cleaning, or even multiple cleanings per day, while smaller offices may require cleaning services a few times a week.

Tailoring the cleaning schedule to the specific needs of the office is essential to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

Involving employees in cleaning can make a big difference

Maintaining a clean office should not be the sole responsibility of the cleaning company or those specifically responsible for cleaning.

Encouraging employees to maintain cleanliness in their individual work areas and common areas can make a big difference in the overall cleanliness and hygiene of the office and have a positive impact on employee mental health.

Look out for more information on this in a future blog!

In conclusion

As you can see, there’s a lot more to commercial office cleaning than may at first meet the eye.

Why not discuss some of these points with your cleaning company or account manager, or try implementing some of these easy-to-do measures yourself.

Or if you want a bit of extra help with your office cleaning, speak to the office cleaning specialists at Wixted Cleaning. We’ll be delighted to provide you with a free quote!

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