Published 07th September 2023

Overcoming the challenges when changing cleaning contractor

Commercial Cleaning Challenges

Transitioning to a new commercial cleaning contractor in the UK can present a range of challenges for companies.

In this blog we look at some of the challenges and explain how they can be managed.

  1. Contractual Obligations and TUPE Compliance

Careful scrutiny and proper termination, if necessary, of existing contracts with the previous cleaning contractor are crucial. This adherence to contractual terms and the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) or “TUPE” regulations ensures compliance and avoids potential legal and financial complexities.

What is TUPE?

For a full explanation see our blog about the TUPE regulations.

In brief, TUPE is a government provision that allows the client company to transfer cleaning services from one cleaning provider to another while keeping the same cleaning personnel that were employed by the previous cleaning provider.

The law mandates that the new cleaning contractor must extend to the employee an identical cleaning role, complete with equivalent pay and benefits as provided by their previous employer.

This regulation was created to safeguard the rights of employees. Compliance with TUPE is an absolute requirement; there are no shortcuts or methods to circumvent it.

How does Wixted Cleaning work within TUPE regulations?

At Wixted Cleaning, our commitment lies in conducting our operations with the utmost professionalism and excellence, aligning seamlessly with the stipulations of TUPE.

We’ve established a structured four-stage procedure to manage the transition of incoming staff.

Stage 1: Development of TUPE Process Plan

In the initial phase, we take the responsibility of interviewing current employees to gauge their willingness to continue with us. Our objective is to ensure their satisfaction in remaining and their commitment to collaborating with us, thereby upholding the client’s established standards.

Stage 2: Preparing for Transfer

During this phase, we communicate the impending transfer to the employees, clarifying that their employment contracts will be seamlessly transitioned to Wixted Cleaning.

Stage 3: Implementation of Transfer

Upon completing the necessary preparations and plans, and after informing the staff, we initiate the transfer process. Our aim is to smoothly integrate the transferring staff, allowing us to dedicate our efforts to effectively managing all employees and teams, fostering a sense of cohesion, and ensuring absolute clarity regarding their responsibilities.

Stage 4: Post-Transfer Evaluation

Following an appropriate timeframe allowing for employee adjustment and integration, we undertake a comprehensive review of procedural effectiveness. Any additional requirements are duly addressed to optimise the transition and subsequent operations.

In our experience, this process helps maintain team morale fluctuations. In particular, ensuring clear communication about job security and their place in the transition helps maintain a positive work atmosphere.

2. Minimising Disruption of Services

Introducing a new cleaning contractor may involve temporary disruption to cleaning services, impacting the overall cleanliness and hygiene of the premises during the transition period.

Using our existing team managers, we strive to minimise any disruption to normal levels of cleaning service.

3. Maintaining Quality and Consistency

Sustaining or elevating cleaning quality and consistency compared to the previous contractor’s performance can be a concern.

Vigilant monitoring is essential to prevent any decline in standards and Wixted Cleaning’s established management processes ensure this is the case.

4. Effective Communication and Coordination

Open lines of communication between the client company and the new cleaning contractor are paramount.

Ensuring shared understanding of cleaning schedules, expectations and specific requirements helps prevent discrepancies and misunderstandings during the transition. Wixted’s assigned client manager approach ensures communication lines are open at all times.

5. Tailored Services

Each company’s cleaning needs are different based on their sector, size and specific areas that will be cleaned.

As a new, incoming commercial cleaning contractor, we work hard to customise our cleaning services to align with these unique and often challenging demands, but doing so is crucial to maintain effective cleaning operations.

6. Balancing Price Negotiation and Quality

Striking a balance between negotiating a competitive price with the new cleaning contractor while upholding service quality can be a delicate balance.

This balance requires adherence to both financial considerations and high standards of cleaning and can sometimes mean that the cheapest service is not always the best value.

7. Thorough Supplier Vetting

A comprehensive evaluation of the new cleaning contractor’s credentials, reputation, and references is fundamental.

Trustworthiness and competence ensure the company’s cleaning needs are met. It is important that your new cleaning contractor can offer references and case studies. Ask Wixted Cleaning about this.

8. Cultural Alignment

Ensuring that the new cleaning contractor’s values and work culture align with those of the client company is important both for a harmonious transition and a long term, productive partnership.

We aim to work with our clients for the longer term and ensure we can fit sensitively around our clients’ cultural needs.

9. Health and Safety Adherence

The new contractor’s adherence to health and safety regulations is imperative.

Wixted Cleaning ensures the wellbeing of cleaning staff and the company’s employees is paramount in all cleaning operations.

10. Training and Orientation

Properly training new cleaning staff about the client company’s premises, layout, cleaning procedures and any specific requirements is paramount for efficient and effective cleaning operations.

Again, our mature and evolved approach to line management ensures this is the case.

In conclusion

In summary, when we take on a new client, we work very hard to overcome all the barriers and challenges outlined above. Our goal is to make the transition from old to new commercial cleaning contractor as seamless and painless as possible for you.

Need a bit of extra help with your office cleaning? Speak to the office cleaning specialists at Wixted Cleaning. We’ll be delighted to provide you with a free quote!

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