Published 04th October 2023

What to Expect from Your Commercial Cleaning Service in the 1st Month

First Month Expectations for Your New Commercial Cleaning Service
Your New Commercial Cleaning Service

Embarking on a relationship with a new commercial cleaning service can be an exciting but daunting task. Anticipating exceptional services is reasonable; however, cultivating a productive partnership takes time and requires mutual understanding and effort.

In this blog we talk about what kind of experiences you can expect in the initial month.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

The relationship should kick off with a preliminary consultation and assessment session. A representative from the cleaning company will visit your premises, assess your cleaning needs and work with you to put together a customised cleaning plan that’s right for your type of premises, the work you do and the number of staff on site.

This stage is vital for addressing concerns, queries and any specific needs you might have.

TUPE Considerations

Transitioning to a new cleaning service may involve the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations, or TUPE.

This legal framework is designed to protect employees if the business in which they are employed changes hands, or the staff transfer to a contract with a different company.

It ensures that employees’ terms and conditions of employment are preserved, and that they enjoy continuity of employment.

As your new cleaning company takes over from the old one (assuming you had a previous contract in place), it’s important to consider and understand the implications of TUPE. It might affect the cleaning staff previously employed at your facility, and it’s crucial to discuss and plan this with your new contract cleaning service provider to ensure a smooth transition and compliance with legal standards.

Implementation of Cleaning Plan

Once all the requirements are finalised, your new cleaning company will commence with the implementation of the agreed-upon cleaning plan.

During this initial period, it is important that you observe the quality of the cleaning service to ensure it meets your expectations, that the cleaning schedules work as expected, and that the standards are as you require.

Building Trust and Communication

Developing trust and establishing clear communication channels is fundamental in the first month.

This can involve setting regular check-ins and feedback sessions with your Service Manager to address any issues, concerns, or areas needing improvement, facilitating clear and open communication.

Your cleaning company will value any feedback you can provide in this early phase because it enables them to deliver exactly what you need.

Adjustments to Your Cleaning Plan

As your cleaning contract kicks off, you may find you need to tweak the initial cleaning plan to cover other areas of your office or make small adjustments to cleaning frequencies.

It’s normal for this to happen, so collaborate with your cleaning company to make necessary adjustments to the cleaning plan as needed.

Familiarisation with Cleaning Staff

For some companies, getting acquainted with the cleaning staff who will actually be cleaning their office or other facility is important.

For others, this may not be the case.

Either way, early interactions can help build a rapport, which can be important to the long-term relationship with your contract cleaning provider.

Getting Used to the New Cleaning Schedule

Transitioning to a new cleaning schedule might take some adjustment, especially if you are used to a different timetable or had a different cleaning team previously.

Patience and communication are key during this settling in phase to address and resolve any scheduling concerns efficiently.

Prompt Resolution of Issues

As mentioned above, your cleaning company should provide you with a clear line of communication for feeding back comments, asking questions or raising any issues.

If any issues or concerns do arise within the first month, your cleaning provider should be willing to address them promptly.

Immediate feedback and discussions about areas needing improvement or concerns with the cleaning staff are all very useful and should lead to a quick and efficient resolution.

Open-Minded Approach

We recommend that you approach the partnership with your new contract cleaning provider with an open mind.

While you might have set expectations, every cleaning service is different. Try and give your new cleaning contractor time to settle into the task at hand and as they get used to the schedule and demands of the contract, the quality and standard of cleaning will quickly reach the required level of quality.


The first month with a new commercial cleaning service is always important. Your cleaning company will want to get up to speed quickly and do a good job for you, but at the same time will need a bit of time just to find their way around and do what’s needed to the required standard.

With patience, clear communication and understanding, you’ll establish a strong working relationship.

In this way, your new contract cleaning provider will not only meet – but also exceed – your cleaning needs and expectations.

Need a bit of extra help with your office cleaning? Speak to the office cleaning specialists at Wixted Cleaning. We’ll be delighted to provide you with a free quote!

Need a bit of extra help with your office cleaning? Speak to the office cleaning specialists at Wixted Cleaning. We’ll be delighted to provide you with a free quote!

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