Published 30th June 2022

See How Wixted Cleaning Can Address Your Office Cleaning Problems

Office Cleaning Problems

Offices around the UK are considered the ‘beating heart’ of organisations and just like hearts, they must be taken care of. This can be achieved by a thorough cleaning regimen that covers all the essentials.

Over the years, the team at Wixted Cleaning has perfected this process. To understand how we can help provide a clean and hygienic office for your business, take a look below.

A seasoned cleaning team you can trust

Finding cleaners for your office isn’t too difficult. The real problem is finding ones you can trust. The last thing you want is a provider that entices you with low prices, just for you to find out their cleaning services are to a low standard.

At Wixted cleaning, we focus on building a relationship with our clients. This ensures that their individual needs are met, so they receive a bespoke cleaning service. But how do we make this happen?

We created a Client Care System that allows us to keep in constant contact with clients. By doing so, everyone stays on the same page when it comes to any issues that arise or additional services that are required. However, that’s not all.

Regular inspections and management reviews are undertaken for all our cleaning services. By using this hands-on approach, we can guarantee that the end result meets all expectations.

Cleaning services that are tailored for you

No office is the same and we know this. That’s why Wixted Cleaning offers a unique service to fit in with your requirements. Whether this means a unique schedule that prevents disruption or anything else, we can accommodate.

To make certain this happens, we’ve created a highly trained customer service team that can communicate with you clearly to make sure the cleaning process goes according to plan.

We’re always happy to take calls from our clients, so you’ll never have that feeling of badgering us if anything needs to be discussed.

Competitive Pricing

At Wixted Cleaning we pride ourselves on offering affordable prices without cutting corners. This is made possible due to our cleaners being equipped with the best cleaning products and being trained to use the most efficient cleaning methods.

It can be hard to determine how much value you’re currently getting for your money. To see how other providers compare with us, we provide a free quote for the services you need in the office. Following this, we can also provide recommendations if you’re unsure what type of services are necessary.

Incredibly high cleaning standards

Although it’s not the industry norm, as mentioned we undergo regular inspections and reviews to determine if your office is receiving the quality cleaning it deserves. In addition, we focus on delivering a professional service that tackles every cleaning project differently to produce the right outcome.

Our cleaners have been carefully vetted to ensure the best quality service for every office. They have been trained in the Wixted Cleaning way, which means your goals for a clean and hygienic environment can be achieved effortlessly.

focused on keeping office employees safe.

Keeping an office clean is one thing, making sure employees within the office are protected is another. Wixted Cleaning uses a combination of high-grade products and the best cleaning techniques to keep office workers safe.

To further safeguard those working in the areas we clean, environmentally friendly products are used where possible, all of which are COSHH registered. These products reduce the amount of chemicals used in the cleaning process, reducing the chance that employees will be exposed to them.

Cleaners that produce results through our support

We strongly believe in giving all those in our employment, including cleaners, equal opportunities. This provides us with the ability to create a quality work-life for our team that unlocks their true potential. You can see this in action during any project we take on.

Higher management that takes notice.

Far too often cleaning companies rely solely on the cleaners to manage the whole operation. However, Wixted Cleaning is different. Our top management makes sure to get involved where possible, so office cleaning projects run smoothly.

With this approach, any complications that come to light will be picked up by senior management and monitored closely until the optimal solution is reached for the client.

can adapt quickly to changes.

For a cleaning company to be effective, it must be flexible to achieve the client’s goals, even if those goals change at a moment’s notice. Our team has been specially trained to adapt to new changes when required. Information is relayed to cleaners in a precise manner, so no time is wasted delivering the exact service needed.

Feedback is taken seriously.

Any constructive feedback we receive is used to improve our service. On many occasions in the cleaning industry, feedback is noted down and not used for development, even when it could be of great benefit. Wixted Cleaning understands the importance of comments made from previous assignments to ensure an effective result for our clients.

Final Thoughts

If you need the office cleaned to an exceptional level without the hefty price tag attached, we can help. Since our humble beginnings, we continue to strive for excellence in every cleaning project we undertake.

Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us today.

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