Published 08th September 2022

Wixted Cleaning is awarded a GLAA licence

Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority

Wixted Cleaning, a professional cleaning company that provides tailored contract cleaning services to business corporate clients across the UK has recently been awarded the Gangmaster and Labour Abuse Authority licence. 

If you’ve worked with businesses in the food production sector before, you’ve probably come across the GLAA scheme. But what is it and what about it allows you to trust businesses? Find out all the answers you’re looking for in this article below.

What is GLAA?

Short for “Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority,” the GLAA is a scheme created by the government to make sure that businesses that supply workers stick to all employment standards that the law requires.

This is relevant to those who supply workers, such as labour providers, gangmasters and agencies, as well as businesses who need workers, which may include labour users, farmers, packhouses and factories.

By obtaining a GLAA license, businesses can prove that all their workers are treated well and paid properly according to UK law.

If labour providers do not have this licence and they still supply workers, they could face a criminal offence with a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison, with the possibility of a fine as well.

Which Sectors are Covered By the GLAA?

Almost every sector of the fresh produce supply chain is regulated by the GLAA.

This includes the following:

  • The processing and packaging of any fresh food, as well as drinks and other kinds of produce
  • Agricultural and horticultural sectors
  • Those involved in shellfish gathering

If a business supplies any kind of labour to the sectors listed above, it will need a GLAA licence.

Any business that supplies workers needs to ensure that they play an important part in ensuring that workers’ health and welfare standards are maintained.

If you are thinking of working with a business and find out that they are GLAA certified, you can guarantee that the working practices will be safe and no issues will come of it.

How Do I Find Out Who Has a GLAA Licence?

When finding businesses to work with to use their services, it’s always a good idea to first check that they have a GLAA licence.

But how do you do this?

First of all, we would recommend for you to check the GLAA public register before using a particular labour provider in these industries. This can be found here.

After clicking on that link, you can simply type in the name, location or unique reference number of the labour provider and you can view all the information at your fingertips, such as contact details, sectors they are authorised to work in and authorised persons.

If you’d prefer to find out this information by calling, simply dial the helpline on 0345 602 5020 and press option 1 to check the licensing details of the labour provider.

GLAA and TUPE Workers

For those unaware, TUPE means “Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)” and occurs when one employee is transferred from one business to another.

We have covered in this previous article to help you understand the legislation and how it relates to the cleaning industry

To better understand the legislation and how it applies to the cleaning sector, we have addressed the topic in previous articles.

In this instance, it’s important to ensure, when choosing a different organisation for a contract, that the new business has a GLAA licence, so no legal issues in relation to labour providers will occur on your premises. Additionally, the new company you’re working with has the license to let its employees work at food producing facilities.

So Why Did Wixted Cleaning Apply for a GLAA Licence?

So, you are probably wondering why a cleaning company has applied for a GLAA licence.

In short, as part of our service, we have decided to expand our offering to food production clients. By providing this service, we can ensure that businesses will benefit from pristine clean food production areas and working conditions, saving many clients in the industry time doing it themselves.

As we will be providing high-quality cleaning to food production clients, we will need a GLAA licence to allow our workers to clean these premises.

We know how important it is to protect our customers from any legal troubles. By obtaining a GLAA licence, we can prove to our customers that they will be legally protected while premises are cleaned.

So, if you have any commercial office cleaning needs, Wixted Cleaning can meet them, offering a high-quality service while ensuring all labour is safe and managed according to the law. Contact us for more information to help clean your food production workplace today.

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