Published 12th October 2022

How To Combat The Wintertime Germs

Combatting Winter Germs

When it’s time to break out your coats, scarves, and gloves, it’s clear that winter is fast approaching. This means you can expect brisk walks, warm drinks, and cozy nights under a blanket.

However, it also means that wintertime germs will soon be here, which many of us are all too familiar with. Of course, we also need to keep in mind that Covid-19 is still lurking around!

How are germs spread?

There are three fundamental factors that cause the transmission of germs:

  • A source of infection
  • A suitable new host
  • The ability of transmission from the original host to the new one

If you take just one of these away, the process is halted. Although, that’s easier said than done, especially when some of the factors are out of your immediate control.

How to reduce the chance of infection?

Being prepared for what the winter season brings is the best solution. Luckily, there are several easy ways you can do this:

Washing hands – This is a simple act that can go an extremely long way. Throughout the day, your hands are likely to encounter various items that have been touched by others. For example, if you’re sharing an office space, this area can be a hotbed for germs.

Washing your hands regularly, whether with water and hand soap or hand gel, can remove almost all germs that have been picked up. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming infected.

Cleaning services – The office can be a massive spreader of winter germs. There are so many surfaces that they live on, with desks, keyboards, computer mice, printers and bathrooms being just a few examples. It only takes a few colleagues constantly touching these places for germs to be transmitted rapidly.

A consistent cleaning service helps to keep areas hygienic. You won’t have to run the risk of knowing when the last time something was cleaned to a sufficient standard. Plus, there are commercial cleaners that are dedicated to commercial office cleaning.

Disinfect surfaces – Anti-bac wipes are a must-have for disinfecting surfaces and equipment that are used by multiple people. By implementing this quick and easy task into your office morning routine, you can drastically reduce the chance of becoming unwell.

Improve ventilation – Airborne diseases thrive during the cold seasons as we tend to favour staying indoors until the weather is warmer. This is a great way to keep toasty, but it can increase the chance of winter germs spreading.

To help keep the air from stagnating and diseases lingering around, windows and doors should be kept open wherever possible. Even cracking a window open a little will help the air circulate and help remove any airborne diseases that are around.

Working from home – Covid-19 proved that a lot of employees can work from home. One way to fight against germs in the winter is to continue this approach. However, when this is not possible, there’s the option of introducing hybrid working.  Reducing the number of days staff are required to go in will help reduce the germs spreading around the office.

Stay at home when you’re ill, even if you just have mild symptoms – In certain cases this may not always be possible, but if you can, work from home until you’ve recovered from the cold, virus, or other transmissible illnesses. The best course of action would be to advise your manager on what is happening and see if they will allow you to work from home.

If you aren’t able to work from home, there’s a good risk that one of your co-workers may get sick from what you’re suffering with, which could mean that more workers end up missing work due to illness.

Keep your nose and mouth covered – If you start coughing or sneezing, make sure to keep your nose and mouth covered. A good idea is to have a pack of personal tissues that can be easily reached at all times.

Respiratory illnesses such as a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), the flu and pertussis (whooping cough) are commonly transmitted through the air when someone coughs or sneezes. Catching them before they spread into the air can help prevent co-workers from becoming infected.

Promote self-care – A healthy immune system will help to fight off germs when you come in contact with them. To keep your immune system in good working order, ensure to get enough sleep, eat well, avoid heavy drinking, and stay fit.

Professional office cleaning

It’s typical for co-workers to pitch in with cleaning duties around the workplace, but if you don’t have external support monitoring and managing the cleaning, it can be challenging to keep track of how much cleaning is being done and to what level.

By using commercial cleaners who specialise in cleaning offices and other business spaces, offices may be kept hygienic and spotless throughout the winter. To keep your office and everyone inside it safe, Wixted Cleaning is committed to offering incredibly high cleaning standards. We’ll be pleased to provide you with a quotation for a full professional schedule to keep your office clean and hygienic this winter.

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