Published 23rd November 2022

From Quotation to Cleaning: The Wixted Cleaning Experience

Professional Cleaning Experience

For many commercial office cleaning companies, getting the job done as quickly as possible is all that matters. However, at Wixted Cleaning, we make a point of focusing on high quality cleaning standards and client care, ensuring you receive the very best service and perfectly clean offices.

Our employees are all trained up to a high standard so that the cleaning you receive is always top-notch. This includes quality health and safety training so that no incidents happen at your workplace.

We have also perfected our client-facing system, so our customers are always able to communicate with our operations managers with ease.

But what is it really like to have Wixted Cleaning working for you? Find out here:


Before you hire Wixted Cleaning, the first step is to make an enquiry. This is usually done by either filling out our contact form, sending an email or giving us a call. All of this can be done via our website on our contact us page.

After this, we will review the enquiry to ensure that we can meet the requirements to a high-quality standard.

Once we’re confident we can meet all the requirements, there are a few things we will ask the client, such as:

  • Contact name
  • Description of the job
  • Site size
  • Number of existing cleaners/hours of commercial office cleaning currently taking place

Why do we need this information? We want to do the best job possible. We will arrange a site visit to understand the requirements better and ensure that this is a project we can complete to our usual quality.

Once everything has been finalised, we will create a quotation for our services.

The Quotation Stage

So now that we fully understand the requirements, we will provide you with a quote. The quotation you receive will include::

  • A covering letter
  • Summary page including our breakdown of costs and charges
  • Cleaning contract for the customer to sign
  • All our terms and conditions
  • A detailed survey report of all the areas that will be cleaned according to the specifications
  • Introduction to Wixted Cleaning and our work process.

Some time after we’ve sent the quotation, we may give you a courtesy call to understand your thoughts and to ensure everything is covered.

We will be glad to chat through any queries you may have regarding the quotation. If the quotation needs to be amended, we will issue an updated version with the new or additional information clearly identified. This is so both parties can find it for future reference.

Contract / Job order

After everyone is satisfied with the quotation, the next step is the contract/job order stage.

To start with, customer orders are accepted in the form of a signed contract. As a result, this authorises the TUPE information to be collected from the organisation for the transfer of existing cleaning staff.

We stick to regulations, so work doesn’t begin until we receive a written contract from the customer. 

Once the signed contract has been sent over to us, we will create a job start order form. This is only used for internal work planning purposes and to trigger any purchasing required, as well as having the details of customer cleaners that can easily be transferred over if TUPE is required.

Our job start order form includes the following information below:

  • Contract
  • Full address
  • Commencement date
  • Main contact
  • Tel no.
  • New starter name
  • ID
  • Uniform
  • Days to be cleaned
  • Time of day
  • Hours per day
  • Pay rate
  • Equipment pick list
  • Other necessary requirements

If any TUPE documentation is required, the customer will need to request the cleaners’ details, so they can then be contacted.

Following this, the cleaning schedules will be created in close collaboration with the client, and extra site visits may also be made if needed.

Quality Checks

To ensure our work is always to the highest standard, we undertake rigorous quality checks.

These are done monthly by our contract managers, who complete a quality service report to assess the quality and decide whether things need improving or if they are up to standard.  

When inspecting the area, they will check to ensure that the areas are as clean as possible, the uniforms and PPE in use are within policy guidelines as well as ensuring the health and safety and site regulations are being adhered to.

Ongoing Communication

At Wixted Cleaning, we know the importance of regular, clear communication. Because of this, we’ve created a client care system that will ensure our customers can understand exactly what’s going on at all times.

A key element of this is our client liaison card, which acts as a record of communication between our operations manager and the client.

What’s more, we also provide a communication book for all the premises we work at when starting a contract. We do this so that there is always a means to provide effective dialogue between the client and Wixted Cleaning.

As well as all the above, the Wixted Cleaning Business Development Manager, who was your first point of contact and arranged the contract, will provide you with an ongoing relationship so that all questions are answered.

Work with us

At Wixted Cleaning, we have over 20 years of experience providing clean offices throughout the UK. We are committed to providing you with a  commercial office cleaning team you can trust with services tailored specifically to your needs. And with a thorough process from quotation to cleaning, as evidenced above, you are sure to receive a clean office every time.

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