Published 09th December 2022

A look back at 2022 for Wixted Cleaning

Wixted Cleaning Charity Work

With 2022 almost behind us and a new year to look forward to, it’s time to take a look back at some of the highlights, successes and achievements of 2022.

January of 2022 kicked off following a very difficult and uncertain 2021, during which many businesses struggled to maintain their operations through COVID. But here we are at the end of 2022 and it’s good to know that through our wonderful customers, the dedication of our ever-growing team and strong management, we’re still here and going strong!

20 years of quality cleaning

A significant milestone for us was celebrating our 20th anniversary as a business in 2022. Having gone through all the ups and downs of various economic and financial crises since 2002, we reckon we can be deservedly proud of our record of success – as can any business that’s been through the same.

Our goal has remained consistently to provide high quality, tailored contract cleaning services to clients all over the UK. And with over 90 clients and 150 employees, we are exceedingly happy to say that we are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Having worked from the ground up, we now have extensive experience and knowledge of all aspects of contract cleaning. This has helped us keep our customers happy with the services we provide (a quick look at our glowing reviews shows this in full force).

“A 100%, I fully trust the team to complete the job. But if there are any problems, the team are understanding and eager to get feedback so that they can address them.” – Steve Murray, Site Services and Health and Safety Manager at Schueco UK.

“You always need a good cleaner and would always miss them if they were not here. They are so important to have in the office. I have worked with other companies in the past who have given me headaches, this is something Wixted has never given me! This also enables me to get on with the other tasks in my role.” – 10+ years long client

Supporting the local community

To mark our 20th anniversary within our local community, we decided to hold a charity event in aid of Flitwick and Ampthill Sea Cadets, donating £1000 to this great local cause.

The Sea Cadets are a fantastic organisation, providing young people with great opportunities and skills that help equip them for the modern world. Learning everything from teamwork to self-confidence, we think that supporting this organisation is a terrific way to help local kids gain valuable life skills.

The money raised will go towards new media such as classroom monitors, which are vital for helping train new cadets with important skills.

GLAA approval

During 2022 we also gained GLAA approval – “Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority”.

GLAA ensures that labour providers comply with high employment standards. It guarantees that businesses treat their workers well and pay them fairly in accordance with UK law.

At Wixted Cleaning, we always make sure our workers are looked after and treated fairly, so we are glad we have a licence to prove this. It also means that our clients can have peace of mind that by using Wixted Cleaning to perform office cleaning services on their business premises, the cleaning staff are treated fairly and with no exploitative practices going on.

Just as important, the GLAA certification allows us to expand our cleaning services to companies involved in food production. With all the rigorous regulations and compliance requirements in the food industry, businesses in that sector can now benefit from reliable cleaning operations as well as guaranteed fair labour practices among the workers delivering the services.

Business expansion

With an expansion in business operations and more clients coming on board, we have needed to grow our team considerably during 2022.

Along with the addition of 2 new Area Managers, we have also employed 140 new cleaners across our operations. This makes Wixted Cleaning one of the largest contract cleaning providers in the Bedfordshire and greater Milton Keynes area.

Investments in new vehicles and cleaning equipment

Wixted Cleaning Van

Along with our investment in people and certifications, we have embarked on a strategy to invest in the business – enabling us to continue offering tip top cleaning services into the future.

Among these capital investments in 2022 are two smart new liveried vans and new, high-tech cleaning equipment.

These compact Numatic NX244 Scrubbers Dryers allow us to clean floors faster and more effectively than ever.

Cleaning operatives can cover a greater area because as well as being highly efficient, these scrubbers are cable-free and run on a high energy rechargeable lithium battery pack.

Environmentally they also offer an improvement by reducing the use of water for floor cleaning by up to 80%.

Floor Scrubber Machine

Looking ahead to 2023

We would like to thank all of our customers and staff for contributing to what has been a very successful 2022 for Wixted Cleaning, as we have marked our 20 years in business.

We now look forward to 2023, and to continuing to provide excellent standard of cleaning for organisations of all types and sizes, whatever their premises or particular cleaning requirements may be. 

If you’re interested in high-quality office cleaning and a clean and safe office environment, get in touch with us at Wixted Cleaning today. For a cleaning assessment and quote, please contact us direct on 01525 406926 or email

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