Published 05th January 2024

Start 2024 Off With a Clean, Fresh and Clutter-Free Office

5 Week Office Cleaning Guide

As the New Year begins, it’s the perfect time to reset not just our goals and resolutions but also our physical spaces.

A clean, organised and clutter-free office can dramatically increase the productivity and overall well-being of your employees and colleagues.

So as we move into 2024, here’s Wixted Cleaning’s 5-Week Guide to how you can kick off the year by cleaning up and decluttering your office and transforming your workspace into an area that fosters creativity, efficiency and positivity.

Why clean and declutter?

This blog is a guide not only to decluttering your office space but also to maintaining it throughout the year.

The suggested five-week plan provides a structured approach to organising your workspace, turning it into a cleaner, tidier and ultimately healthier working environment that’s more conducive to productive, efficient and enjoyable working for all your staff.

How you maintain your office environment is obviously up to you, so feel free to adjust the plan according to your specific needs and preferences. And if you need to speak to us about any aspect of it, just give us a call or drop us a line. We’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Week 1: Assessment and planning

Initiatives that are kicked off in the New Year can often peter out after a while, but if you try and embed a routine into the days, weeks and months, your initiative stands a good chance of becoming a routine. Take these few steps to start off:

  • Assess Your Current Space: When you return after the festive break, take a good look around your office. What works? What doesn’t? Which bits are messy, cluttered or untidy? Identify the areas that need the most attention.
  • Set Clear Goals: Decide what you want to achieve. Is it more desk space, a more minimalist or ordered working environment or just a cleaner office?
  • Make a plan: Break down your decluttering project into manageable tasks. Create a checklist for each week.

Week 2: Help employees manage their own space

Your commercial cleaning company will do the big things in your office, such as mopping or vacuuming floors and cleaning surfaces.

But employees can also be encouraged to manage their own workspaces for greater efficiency. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Remove Everything: Take everything off your desk and clean the surface.
  • Essential Items Only: Only put back items that are essential for daily tasks. This includes the computer, keyboard, mouse, and maybe a notepad, pen holder, and phone.
  • Organise Desk Drawers: Drawers are the number one tool for hiding clutter. Time to clear them out! Once that’s done, use drawer organisers to keep the contents in order.

Week 3: Tackle paperwork

Despite the progressive move to digital filing and cloud-based office administration systems, paperwork can still often pile up in in-trays and side cupboards—almost everywhere there’s room, in fact.

It’s vital to keep on top of paperwork so do one of these things with it:

  • Sort and File: Sort through old paperwork and decide whether to throw it, shred it or file it. If the latter, choose a filing system that works for you and keeps things simple.
  • Recycle and shred: If paperwork isn’t needed anymore, get rid of it. Shred sensitive documents and recycle what you can.

Week 4: Add a few productivity touches

  • Add Some Greenery: Plants are known to aid the wellbeing and mood of office workers. Consider adding floor plants to your office to bring in a touch of nature.
  • Lighting and Comfort: Adjust your lighting for comfort. Consider a desk lamp or natural light if possible.
  • Ergonomics: Provide employees with an ergonomic review of their workstation. This should include making sure chairs and desks are at the correct height and are ergonomically set up.
  • Daily Clear-up: Encourage employees to spend 5 minutes at the end of each day to tidy up their own desk so they come in next morning to a clean work area that’s ready to go.

Week 5: Hire a commercial cleaning company

For a clean and hygienic office environment that will benefit all your employees, there’s no substitute for hiring a commercial cleaning company.

Remember, a productive office environment is not just about decluttering; it’s also about creating a clean and sustainable system that supports your work and well-being.

Final words

By taking on board some of the points in this article, you’re setting yourself, your employees, and your business on the path to a more productive, less stressful, more efficient, healthier, and more enjoyable working environment.

Here’s to a clean, clutter-free, and fantastic year ahead!

Happy decluttering!

Need a bit of extra help with your office cleaning? Speak to the office cleaning specialists at Wixted Cleaning. We’ll be delighted to provide you with a free quote!

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